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Would you like to join a choir at St Aidan’s church hall ? You are invited to a choir taster session on Sunday 1st March, 2.15pm – 4.15pm.

This initiative has come about through discussions with Varia Doletskaya and her husband Alex Pidgen. They work as professional musicians and choir leaders. Varia is known to us at St Aidan’s as she is our organist for 9am Mass on Sundays. This would not be a church choir as such but more along the lines of a community choir.
No previous singing experience or ability to read music is necessary. If enough people are interested in coming together to sing regularly Varia and Alex are committed to running a choir on a weekly basis. The taster session is free but for ongoing weekly sessions subscriptions would be necessary as with other community choirs. The subscription per head would depend on the number of people committed to joining.
The genres of music would depend on the preferences of the people who would be interested in coming regularly. Certainly Christian music in the broad catholic tradition with its sacred compositions would be included. It could also be a place where church choir members might meet potential new recruits.
At the taster session soundings will be taken from those interested concerning days that would be suitable. Sunday afternoon is currently the most available slot in our hall on a regular basis. Members of local churches, catholic and non-Catholic will be welcome to participate.
All ages of adults are welcome. Unfortunately, we cannot include children in an adults’ choir due to child safeguarding requirements unless they are accompanied by a parent. At the end of each term there could be a performance in the hall or in the church depending on the genre of music being sung.