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Weekend Masses 10 /11 July.

Fr Peter is currently obliged to isolate until he receives the result of a PCR Covid test. That is due imminently but probably not in time for him to say weekend Masses in Church. At this stage we need to cancel the Mass in Church for Saturday at 6pm. Fr Peter will do a streamed Mass from the house at that time.
We will update you about the 9am Sunday Mass by 8.30pm this evening. The 11am Sunday Mass is definitely going ahead in Church due to the kindness of Canon Jim Pannett who will celebrate it. If you don’t normally go to 11am Mass please do not come to it this weekend as it is usually oversubscribed.
The planned Baptism at 12.30pm is also going ahead due to the kindness of Fr Gerard who is on standby.
Fr Peter is expecting a negative result as he had done the lateral flow test due to a chest cold. But because he had a persistent cough and temperature he was obliged to go for the CPR test which requires him to isolate until the result arrives.