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We welcome Fr. John Naughton to the parish

He was with us last summer. (Irish say ‘Nock-ton’, English say ‘Naw-ton’, he doesn’t mind which). He lives in Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland. He is retired from being a parish priest but helps wherever he is needed and invited.

Fr. John was once a priest of our Diocese of Southwark. I was a teenager at school when he was serving in the parish of Wimbledon Park where I lived having just arrived from Ireland myself. Later Fr. John returned to Ireland to take up an appointment in his native Diocese of Clonfert.

I am grateful to Fr. John for his generosity in covering for my holiday and I know you will welcome him back again. As well as saying Mass he will be visiting the sick and housebound and doing whatever is needed over the next few weeks.

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