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Updated arrangements for Mass from Sunday 6th February

The PPC have decided that the following should apply in St Aidan’s parish:
People are asked to continue wearing a face covering at church for the time being.
Hands should be sanitised when entering and leaving the church.
There is no need for formal social distancing but those present should be sensitive to the needs of others. Please spread around the church using all seating areas in it.
The sign of peace will continue to be offered without physical contact.
Holy water and votive candles (near Our Lady’s shrine) will be restored with immediate effect.
The prayer for spiritual Communion will no longer be led by the priest. People at home and those in church not receiving Communion are encouraged to say it privately. The text is printed in this newsletter.
Hard copies of the newsletter will continue to be available on the tables at the back of the church for those who cannot or do not wish to read it online. They will no longer be given out by the welcomers. It is obviously a ‘greener’ way forward to read the newsletter online but it is appreciated that some people will still want a hard copy, so we will continue to print enough copies to meet the need.
Singing while wearing face coverings has already been introduced. It will continue this way for the time being.
Collection baskets will soon be passed around again the near future.
The stewards will soon be replaced by welcomers as was our system before Covid restrictions.