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Updated arrangements for Mass from Sunday 28th November

The obligation for Catholics to attend Sunday Mass (or Sat vigil) remains suspended.
Distancing will no longer be a requirement by law. For those who feel they need some space around them at weekend Masses it is suggested that they have a visible notice either side of them indicating that they need a space around them. Notices are available in the porch. ‘Around them’ means beside, behind and in front.

For weekday Masses we will continue to use the seats with the green ‘sit here’ labels. Retaining distancing at all weekday Masses will also ensure a guaranteed ‘distanced place’ for those who need that reassurance.
Masks will be recommended and expected despite the fact that they will no longer have the force of law.
In accordance with the Bishops’ guidelines we can dispense with stewarding before weekday Masses. For the time being, Stewards will continue to be on duty before weekend Masses.
Sanitising of hands should continue to be facilitated with bottles of sanitiser available.
Ventilation of buildings continues to be essential.
Communal singing will resume. People are asked to keep masks on when they sing.

The chalice will not be offered at Mass for the foreseeable future.
The Parish Council will continuously review the arrangements and adjust in line with the changing situation.