The catechists are a group of people in our parish who share their faith with adults and children. Catechists help with the preparation programmes for Baptism, First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Children’s Liturgy Group

There is a group of people who help with Children’s Liturgy on a rota basis at 11:00am Mass on Sundays in term time; two catechists run each session. Children who have not yet made their First Holy Communion are invited with parents to to go with the leaders to the...

Choir (11:00am Mass)

The choir is a group of singers and musicians from St Aidan’s parish. Its aim is to lead the congregation and help them play a full part in the hymns and responses that form part of the liturgy. The choir is present at the Sunday 11:00am Mass and other special...

Special Ministers of Holy Communion

The parish has a team of Special Ministers of Holy Communion commissioned by the archdiocese to assist with the distribution of Communion on a rota basis. In addition many Special Ministers regularly take Communion to the sick and housebound in their own homes or care homes. Special Ministers meet annually...

Laundry for the Church

The small altar linen used at every Mass is washed on a weekly basis. There is a rota of people who take it home on Sunday and return it to the sacristy the following week. More help is always appreciated. Contact Liz Moore (the sacristan) or the parish office (


Readers provide a very important part of the liturgy by proclaiming the Word of God during Mass. Readers meet annually for a session of reflection and formation.