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Parish Pastoral Council – New members appointed.

The PPC are delighted by the response asking for new nominations to join or rejoin the council and would like to thank the five parishioners who have stepped forward to seek nomination.
The Parish Priest and Chair in consultation with the existing PPC members are in agreement that in accordance with the provision of the constitution all five people nominated may be appointed without the necessity for an election. Their appointments are hereby confirmed for a four year term.
We welcome the new members, Erica Thurbon, Roque Fernandes, Colin Wilding, and Elsie Ofili; thanks also to Bridget Hanlon who has been nominated to serve for a second term. We ask that the parish give them full its support as we also remember to pray for them and those who serve on all our parish committees. The new members have all been invited to their first PPC meeting on Thursday 5th March where they will meet all the existing and outgoing members. Please speak to any member of the PPC, old or new, about what you would like to hear about from your council.
From March 5th the new PPC will be Fr. Peter, Gerry O’Donnell, Sue Carr, Pauline D’Mello-Maplesden, Brenda Eydman, Roque Fernandes, Bernadette Hallett, Penne Hutton, Peter McFall, Bridget Hanlon,
Erica Thurbon, Elsie Ofili and Colin Wilding.
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