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Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 22nd May 2023

The Parish Pastoral Council held its third meeting of 2023 on the 22nd May.

We are delighted to receive 6 new nominations to join the PPC and two members have indicated they will continue for another term. So this means all places on the PPC have been filled.
The new members of the PPC are Alexandra Collins, Richard Thurbon, Simon Archer, Craig Ditchfield, Lesley Leavey, and Sarah Yusoof, We thank them for putting themselves forward to serve the parish.

We held a round table discussion on the priorities identified in our submission to the Synodal Process. In some areas good progress has been made, We think now is the time to draw a line under the themes identified but which we did not have sufficient capacity to deal with. A more concise list of priorities for the parish was discussed and will be the focus of the PPC going forward. Full details can be found in the minutes.

Fr Peter brought the meeting to a close with a final prayer.

Our next PPC meeting is on Thursday 29th June 2023 when we will welcome the new PPC members and say goodbye to the outgoing members. We would be pleased to hear from members of the parish on any subject. Please speak to any member of the Council, drop a letter into the sacristy or contact Gerry via

The PPC members are, Fr. Peter, Sue Carr, Pauline D’Mello-Maplesden, Brenda Eydman, Bernadette Hallett, Bridget Hanlon, Penne Hutton, Peter McFall, Erica Thurbon, Gerry O’Donnell, Elsie Ofili and Colin Wilding.

Full minutes are posted below