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Parish Pastoral Council Constitution and Vacancies.

At our meeting of May 10th The Parish Pastoral Council formally adopted a Constitution and it is
available to all parishioners on the notice board and the parish website.
Currently there are three vacancies. We would therefore like to invite interested parishioners to consider serving on the council. A group of four members of the Parish may nominate a parishioner to serve on the PPC. If there are more than three people nominated for the three vacancies, an election will be held. If only three are nominated they will be appointed without an election. The term of office is for four years. Please see the constitution for more details.
A list is now displayed on the church notice board on which names of proposed members can be written along with the names of those who are nominating them. A parishioner cannot nominate more than one person at any given time. The list will be available from this Saturday the 18th of May for four weekends.
The full details of the nomination process and possible elections are detailed in the Constitution document. Anyone who is interested in serving on the council is of course welcome to speak to Fr Peter or any member of the Parish Pastoral Council. See website for the current PPC membership

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