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Arrangements for Mass from 22 February

From Monday 22 February the church will once again be open for Mass. Here is a reminder of the arrangements:

  • Bring a mask and wear it at all times in church covering your nose and mouth.
  • Wrap up warm — the church doors have to remain open even in the cold weather to allow good air circulation.
  • Give us your contact details for Track & Trace purposes:
    • The best way to do this is to fill in the pre-registration form online before you leave home (click here). This will speed things up at the church and also give us an indication of how many people will be coming. Pre-registration is for Track & Trace purposes only and is no guarantee of entry into the church.
    • If you cannot use the online form, bring your contact details on a piece of paper and leave it in one of the red baskets.
  • Arrive in good time: we operate a first-come first-in policy.
  • When you leave Mass move away from the outside entrance area . If you stop to greet others, make it brief, keep your distance and be aware that other people are coming out behind you.