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Arrangements for Christmas Masses

Because of the strict safety measures that are in force we have a booking system for places in church for the Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Bookings for Christmas Masses are now closed and all Masses are fully booked. We will only be able to admit people to these Masses if they have a confirmed booking.

For people who have bookings: please bear in mind that the Masses will be busy with all our spaced seating taken up. There are a few safety points to emphasise:

  • The church has to be well ventilated, so the doors will be kept open throughout the services; the heating will be on but the church is likely to be cold and draughty. Wrap up well!
  • Remember to wear a face mask covering both mouth and nose; you should keep this on all the time that you are in the church except when receiving Communion.
  • Do please arrive at Mass in good time; please bring your seat number with you (the stewards will also have a record of this).  Everyone will be shown to their allocated seats.
  • Sit only on the green spots allocated to you — if you move along the bench you will be too close to someone else.
  • Please do not bring with you Christmas cards for distribution to parishioners you might hope to see. Cards cannot be left in the church
  • At the end of Mass people will be asked to leave in an orderly manner, starting with the back rows and working forward, to avoid having people crowded together; please stay in your seat until a steward indicates that it is your turn.
  • Move away from the outside entrance area when you leave Mass. We understand that you may wish to greet others, but if you do then make it brief and keep your distance. Be aware that other people will be coming out behind you.
  • Let Leonie know if you wish to cancel or to change your plans so that your seat can be passed on to someone on the waiting list.