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The Justice & Peace Group would like to welcome you to the St. Aidan’s Virtual Village

You will see that the village is off to a good start (we have water, 2 vegetable gardens, an emergency basics kit, a schools starter pack, chickens, and a goat!) and all from the generosity of the children of the 2008 Communion Group. The idea is to support CAFOD in their bid to help make a real difference to the life of some of the worlds poorest people.

Gifts given so far

Gifts given by First Communion Group 2008


This potentially life-saving gift of clean, safe water reduces the risk that a family may fall ill or die because of contaminated water. Their health could improve considerably as they soak up the benefits of having fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Vegetable Garden

Seeds, tools and horticultural training can give a family the chance to produce their own vegetable garden — and they’ll reap so many more rewards too. As well as producing healthy food to eat, any surplus crops can be sold to pay for food, clothes and medicines as well as school fees.

Emergency Basics Kit

Amid the devastation of disasters and conflict, this gift can provide families, who have often lost almost everything they own, with materials for shelters like plastic sheeting and tarpaulin, cooking utensils and pots and pans. This will give them the basics they need to survive the immediate aftermath.

School Starter Pack

Pens, books, a uniform, school fees and even daily meals — this gift provides a child in the developing world with the essentials every budding scholar needs to shine – and to help them escape from poverty.

Education really is a gift for life so this gift goes to the top of the class for making a big difference for such a little cost.


By providing chickens, materials and training in poultry management, families can produce eggs to eat, sell or use to raise other chickens. The humble chicken can boost a family’s income as well as provide an on-going source of nutrition for families fighting poverty.


A goat can provide up to 12 pints of milk a week? And that can make a big difference to a family in a poor community whether they drink it or sell it for an important, additional source of income. Goats also provide a free source of fertiliser to help crops grow! This gift includes feed and veterinary care so that the goat stays healthy and produces lots of milk!

We welcome any group or individual who would like to contribute to the village… details of gifts on offer can be viewed directly at the CAFOD world gifts website: alternatively you can contact Mick Kilkelly on